Mobile aircon ducting

Hi I bought a mobile air conditioner unit this week for all of £15.00 and it works great..well now it does because it came with no ducting hose or connector to the exhaust hole.

Now how these units work is to blow nice cold air out the front of the unit the refrigeration part of it need to expel hot air from the back of the unit.

So no ducting hose = useless as hot and cold air filling your room…it needs the hose to expel hot air out through a window.

So I found the solution for under a fiver at tool station and for a little over a fiver at screw fix.

A 3 metre 100mm hose will set you back all of £3.15 then the vent is normally 125mm in diameter so they sell a reducer to step down from the 125mm to the 100mm hose at a cost of £1.02. The best bit is the fit of the reducer fitted the exhaust hole perfectly.

Then all you need is to push the hose over the reduced end and wrap a little gaffer tape to keep the hose attached to the reducer…other end out the window and hey presto a perfectly cool house.



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